Mobile Eye Tracking Headset

Here's me as a participant and aid for the Mobile Eye Tracking User Study for the Multidisciplinary Vision Research Laboratory at RIT during the Test Drive phase of the research.

"Look dorky and prosper"

The camera in font of my right eye tracks eye movement and focus and the laser on the left side of my head calibrates display orientation when I look at a test image on the wall.  A camera in the bridge of the glasses tracks what is directly in front of me.

"Take me to your leader"

All of the sensor data is fed through the two wires into the laptop mounted in the backpack.  Software running on the laptop interprets visual information live, collects video and audio, and then stores the data for further study.  The test is performed on a large sample of students by having them first calibrate the display and then walk a predetermined course.

This experiment was done as an early step in visual perception and augmented reality research.