Homebrew HD Antenna



With the internet fulfilling all of my entertainment needs, I am too cheap for cable. Therefore I decided to make my own OTA HD antenna.  After much research I decided to combine a fractal antenna design from Instrucables and a traditional Yagi-Uda antenna.

This is my first version, it's ugly, but it is super cheap. 


Ohm UHF/VHF Matching Transformer
4 Coat hangers (with or without plastic shielding)
1 plastic box
1 roll of metallic tape
2 ft. of aluminum foil



This was my first homebrew antenna built for a traditional OTA TV tuner.  Works better than store bought antenna.


1 USPS box 
1 Aluminum foil
1 COAX Cable
1 CAT5 Cable with separated braided cable.

Point in the direction of signal. Connect exposed wire by twisting around core of the Coax Cable. No solder required.Picks up analog, digital, and open air HD signals.