Fun and easy trick for making an ultra hot surface to melt metals

Have a project that needs melted metal?  Want cast metals in molds on the cheap? Want to melt metals like silver solder, lead, copper, or bronze but don't have a furnace?  
Achieve temperatures over 700 Fahrenheit using a cheap neat trick.

First, get a computer CPU heat sync.  This is one off an AMD Opeteron 3200.

These radiating fins help cool the CPU, but they can be used in reverse when you apply heat.

Get a plumbing heat gun used to loosen pipes, plug it in, and use to heat the the radiating fins on the bottom of the heat sync.

After a few minutes, the top contact of the heat sync will glow read hot, you can melt metals on the top surface of the heat sync.

Collect and pour the melted metal using aluminum foil.