Build a 3D Projector for Cheap

Photosynth of finished setup

Light room with black lights so it does not disrupt image

The projection cover needs to be modified to let in more light from the Fresnel lens.

Hack the monitor apart and add cooling.  I used a space heater fan

Find a nice big wall and sound system

A basic home theater is complete. But, can we go farther?


Create a Rear Projection Screen out of White plastic.

Add a HDMI 1080p Kodak Zi8 camera to the top of the projector.

Get raw video input from camera to PC.

Use LED lights on gloves and track with camera using TriDef 3D

Scroll testing

Start with a VGA Dell monitor and a 3M overhead projector

Does not work well in daylight, yet.

Block direct light from projector bulb


Great for consoles, PC games, TV, and surfing the web.

Use wired shutter glasses with a PC for amazing images

Shutter glasses sync with the LCD display and give 3D effect to rendered scenes

Use "Pinch" LED light to simulate clicking

Experimental glasses for Anaglyph, Polarized, and Shutter 3D

Click test

Point select test